The right track training online mobile learning platform

How does it work?

The Right Track Training Online Mobile Learning Platform is a unique way to engage and interact with employees through training. Our focus is to create bitesized micro-learning training courses that can be used for stand alone and blended learning. 

Our learning platform is available on mobile and tablet devices which allows learners to consume information outside the classroom, on the job and in their own time. Engaging features such as swipe, click and drag questions, images and videos creates higher levels of information retention and learner enjoyment. 

Mobile learning with bitesized courses are great ways to support businesses with training, onboarding for new staff, health and safety inductions, changes to systems and new product information. Businesses can create their own bespoke training courses online that can support on the job training, specific job training and stand alone training. 

This online training platform is perfect for businesses looking to up-skill staff quickly and effectively and training providers looking for their own white labelled online training platform to offer to their own clients. 

here's what the stats say

80 %

Of knowledge from traditional Learning Management Systems and in-person training is forgotten after 30 days.


Of companies report that their employees are ‘overwhelmed’ with information when they return from training courses.


Modern learners only have 1% of an average workweek, approx. 4.8 mins daily, to dedicate to learning.


Of the global workforce, (1.87 billion people), will have access to mobile phones for training by 2022

The results of online mobile micro learning show that this is a much easier and engaging way to get information and training to employees. Now employers and businesses can ensure that their employees are getting the exact same information and then monitor the learning data to identify if there are learning gaps or employees who are struggling with certain or specific tasks. 

Create your own learning culture 

Create custom training courses that can be used on the go in micro-learning format on mobile and tablet devices. The user friendly CMS system allows training managers and providers a simple platform to create bespoke training courses, add users and monitor learner progress. 

Having your own online mobile learning platform has never been easier. Right Track Training are now offering a fully white labelled online platform with full training and course creation support.