Health and Safety Mobile online courses

Right Track Training have moved into the world of online training and can now offer a full list of accredited and bespoke health and safety online training courses. Our online training courses can now be delivered over multiple devices including mobile, tablet and PC. We can provide micro-learning, bitesized online health and safety training courses that can be used as standalone training as well as mixed with blended learning. 

Using our experience and expertise from the health and safety training industry, we have created something completely different to challenge the way we learn and take on information. No more classroom based ‘chalk and talk’ delivery and finally we can say goodbye to ‘death by PowerPoint’ with our unique online mobile training platform. 

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Our health and safety online training courses have been carefully created to challenge the and engage the learner in ways that can often be missed in a classroom environment. We work very closely with the International Institute of Risk Management (IIRSM) who have approves all of our standard health and safety training courses. We also provide a fully accredited Emergency First Aid at Work course which has been accredited by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB). 

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Bespoke course specific to your needs 

Sometimes off the shelf training is too generic and leaves some grey areas when it comes to specific business tasks. Bespoke training courses are becoming much more popular in line with in-house or on the job training for businesses. Particularly if the training is required for safety critical tasks. Right Track Training can provide a full bespoke training package to suite your needs specifically. We can provide course material, engaging and interactive content and learner data. Full support on delivery of the bespoke training is provided and we can even train your staff on how to train their colleagues and subordinates in-line with our material and online courses. 

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Benefits of bespoke training courses

How it works

Off the shelf online health and safety courses 

  1. Contact us and let us know your training requirements. 
  2. Select the online health and safety courses you need and for how many people.
  3. Provide us with the learners names and email addresses.
  4. Email sent to each individual learner.
  5. Users complete the course(s) during the time-scale agreed.
  6. Full breakdown of learner interaction and data provided during agreed time-scale.
  7. Certificates issued on completion of training.

Bespoke online health and safety courses 

  1. Contact to let us know your training requirements. 
  2. Full consultation with online training content manager. 
  3. Business outcomes and learning objectives agreed. 
  4. Draft course(s) created and sent for approval. 
  5. Full delivery support provided for on the job, blended. learning and stand alone options.
  6. Full breakdown of learner interaction and data provided throughout the training project. 
  7. Certificates issued on completion of training.

Our mission is empowering each individual by providing the right content at the right time the Right-Track Training way

Right Track Training Train the Trainer Courses 

As well as the full training course material and support in the delivery method. Right Track Training also offer our very own unique Train the Trainer courses for all of our training clients. This is the perfect way to provide a full learning and development experience while using our online health and safety courses. We can guide managers, supervisors and/or dedicated in-house training instructors through the Right Track Training Trainer Academy where they will learn:

Delivery of practical sessions along with the online training content 

How to understand and respond to the learner data 

Lesson planning and creating engaging content 

Presenting and delivering lessons to groups 

Giving feedback effectively 

This course is not a standard 1 or 2 day course. We provide one to one coaching, group workshops and full support throughout the duration of your learning pathway. This course has been created by combining experience through delivering IOSH Managing Safely courses, creating engaging in-house training platforms and skills through executive coaching. This course is delivered through Zoom and our online mobile training platform. To find out more get in touch to speak to one of the Right Track Trainer Academy Train the Trainer instructors. 

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