fire safety online training

Learning outcomes

Throughout this course, we will guide you through everything you need to know about fire safety at work. Most fires are preventable and can be easily avoided if the correct steps have been put in place. Knowing and understanding how fires can start and spread will help when it comes to being able to identify hazards and assess fire risks.

Prices from £25 per learner

By understanding what it takes to cause a fire in your working environment, you will be able to identify the potential causes, hazards and risks. This will allow you to put control measures in place to prevent fires from starting and spreading.

who requires fire safety training

Fire’s can happen anywhere and businesses and organisations need to be aware of the risks that can arise from a fire and know how to prevent a fire from happening and what to do in the event of a fire. This is why fire safety is essential for everyone within the working environment.

Fire safety is often delivered to new members of an organisation or business and should be refreshed at regular intervals to ensure everyone is familiar with the essentials in fire safety. This is why we have created this fire safety online training course to suit every business and every learner. Our engaging and interactive course content can be used as a stand alone awareness course and can also be used with blended learning training courses for in-house on the job training. 

Health and safety online training courses

The Right Track Training Online Health and Safety Training Courses can be used as stand alone training or as blended learning. Our courses are crafted in accordance to the most recent health and safety guidance and have been fully approved by the International Institute of Risk Management

These courses have been designed specifically to engage and challenge the learner by using interactive questioning styles, pictures, gifs and videos. We have specifically stayed clear of some styles and delivery methods which have become ‘traditional’ in e-learning courses. 

All of our online health and safety courses can be completed on mobile and tablet devices as well as standard desktop and laptop platforms. Our bitesized micro-learning courses can be done on the go, on the job and at the learners own pace to ensure that they get a full understanding of the information being provided. We encourage using these courses as part of a blended learning delivery as this allows learners to learn within their own environment which maximises learning and business objectives. We can also offer full training support for the delivery of these courses through in-house training programmes and can also provide Train the Trainer assistance so you can deliver our health and safety training courses in the most effective way. 

The Right Track Training Online Mobile Training Platform can also be used for bespoke and specific health and safety training courses:

Safety inductions 

Specific task safety instructions 

Toolbox talks 

Changes to Safe Systems of work 

Covid safety instructions 

Safety critical task instructions 

We offer full consultations with all stake holders involved in the bespoke training required and combine this with our course writing skills and delivery experience to create the best online training course to suite your business needs

prices and packages

Our online health and safety training courses are perfect for delivering affective health and safety online training to large numbers of trainees at an affordable price. The courses are designed to save businesses and organisations money by ensuring that employee safety and health knowledge is kept up to date which can reduce costs in damages, accidents and fines/legal fees. As well as this, these courses are perfect in lowering training time and increasing trainee numbers. 

Our prices start from £25 per learner. 

We offer training packages for businesses to select multiple online training courses from our health and safety online training catalogue. 

For more information or to speak to someone about our online health & safety training and bespoke training packagescontact us today.