create your own online training platform

Having your very own branded learning management system has never been this easy and affordable. Right Track Training are working with training providers and businesses all over the UK who are using the Right Track Training Online Mobile Platform for their own customers, clients and employees. 

We offer a fully white labelled package where businesses and training providers can create their own courses to deliver to their clients or use the ready made courses available on our online mobile learning platform. 

This is perfect for smaller training providers who want to keep up to speed with the modernisation of learning and development and to get ahead of competitors by offering their own branded online learning courses which they can create specifically for their clients and customers. 

Bring the training in-house

Learning on the job is fast becoming one of the favoured ways to train staff and colleagues. We believe in taking the training out of the classroom and into the working environment. Challenging the traditional methods of training and bringing new modern approaches to how we learn and develop at work. 

Businesses can now do this with ease by using the Right Track Training online micro learning platform. Now you can create your very own courses that are completely bespoke and specific to your business and your people. By signing up to become a white labelled training partner, you can have full control over creating these courses and then selecting and monitoring the trainees. 

With full technical support and training sessions on how to use the platform to its full capacity, you will be given the power and freedom to select which courses you want to create, build them yourself and then add the users whenever you need to. Having your very own online learning management platform has never been this easy and affordable.  

Despite challenging the conventional methods of training, we still believe that face to face delivery of training is still crucial in enhancing the learning experience. This is why we encourage our courses and platform to be used along side smaller face to face sessions. 

As this is not seen as the traditional fashion of training and many organisations don’t have the facility to deliver training in-house. We offer businesses the chance to join the Right Track Trainer Academy. Here we can provide managers, supervisors and candidates a unique train the trainer and coaching support to aid with creating and delivering courses through the online mobile training platform. 

Using the latest management and executive coaching methods along side, our vast experience in delivering unique and bespoke training courses; Right Track Training can provide full training support to in-house trainers. This will enlighten trainers on how to create their own courses and then deliver them in the new modern blended delivery style. 

“Being a good coach is essential to being a good manager and leader”

Trillion Dollar Coach by E. Schmidt, J. Rosenberg and A. Eagle

For more information and to talk to someone who believes in offering the very best solutions to fit your needs, then contact us. We will ensure to find the very best solution for you, your business and most importantly, your learners.