About us

Right Track Training are dedicated to challenging the current learning and development challenges and creating new and engaging ways to deliver powerful and affective solutions for businesses, training providers and learners. 

Through our years of experience in delivering a wide range of health and safety training, we have established a reputation for our unique and engaging style of course delivery. We are fully committed to continuously growing our range of health and safety online courses as well as finding new and engaging ways to offer learning and development and training support for businesses. We also work with training providers using our online mobile learning platforms to deliver their own courses to their customers and clients. 

Using our expertise in communication skills, health and safety, management and executive coaching; we have created our very own Right Track Trainer Academy. We offer full one to one coaching, group workshops and bespoke training courses to assist businesses achieve their objectives and outcomes through powerful training and people development. 


“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them”  –  Sir John Whitmore 

We care about the development of people and ensuring that information and learning is delivered in a way that guides the learner through the learning tracks. As well as providing our online mobile learning platform, we provide full support for managers, supervisors and in-house training instructors to back up the online mobile training content with in-house and on the job training. 

We pass on our knowledge and expertise in creating content writing, delivery of informations and training, giving feedback, communicating training to groups, presentations skills and developing pathways. All of these skills can be used independently or alongside the bespoke training courses on our online mobile training platform. 


What we do

How to contact us

To find out any more information on how we can work with you or if you have a question about any of the services that we provide then you can contact us:


92-98, 1 Lochrin Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 9QA